About IndieMailer

What is IndieMailer?

IndieMailer is a community and education site dedicated to launching and running a paid subscription email newsletter.

The site is broken into two areas:

  1. The Community – Members are typically those interested in either starting a paid newsletter, or looking to grow their existing paid newsletter. A lot of value can be had simply by immersing yourself in conversation with others that share your interests and goals.
  2. The Content – I regularly post articles on all types of topics related to the paid newsletter business model. I cover everything from technology setup, platforms, analytics, to how to grow subscriber count, and decrease membership churn. I also share my experiences running my paid newsletter, Conversion Gold.

Why does IndieMailer Exist?

I have been building and marketing internet products for a long time. Over the past two decades, I’ve seen that niches follow typical boom/bust cycles.

Paid newsletters seem to be around the heavy growth stage. VC money is flowing in (The Information, The Hustle, etc) and new entrants with product offerings are popping up every day.

In creating IndieMailer, I’ve made a big bet on the future of the ecosystem. For IndieMailer to be successful, the ecosystem needs to continue growing. I think that it will.

In creating this site, my process was like this:

First, I ran across Stratechery. I was immediately taken in by how good Ben’s content is. If you’re not familiar, Stratechery is a newsletter run by Ben Thompson that covers tech and startups with world class business analysis. I’ve learned so much from him over the years that I’m more than happy to pay his asking price of $10 per month for a subscription.

Then I started seeing what other newsletters were out there. I’ve grown tired of free newsletters with sponsored content and typical link roundups. I wanted more of what I found over at Stratechery for my other interests. I did some Googling and perusing social media and I found three or four more to join.

Around this point I fell in love with the model, and as I always do, I started thinking about how I could launch my own.

So, given my background in web marketing and conversion optimization, I decided to start a newsletter called Conversion Gold. I’m now running and operating this newsletter (and learning a lot) as I build out IndieMailer.

Throughout the research process of building my letter, I’ve struggled to find resources created by people who have taken the journey that I’m currently on.

So I set out to create it myself. That’s it — that’s how we got here. Now, where we go next is entirely up to the community.