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Interview with Dan Oshinsky

Dan Oshinsky is an email strategy thought leader. I first came across his work through Not a Newsletter (which is, actually, kind of a newsletter), which I consider to be required reading for anyone working in email today. I’m glad to say that he’s also an Indiemailer member. Anyway, I had the opportunity to have […]

How to Name Your Newsletter

It’s easy to think about starting a paid a newsletter. You dream about the industry recognition you’ll get, the wave of paid subscribers whose monthly payments will be hockey-stick shaped—up and to the right, and all the clever things you will say about your area of expertise. But like most things, in practice, it’s a […]

Interview with Hamish McKenzie (Substack co-founder)

If you’ve been looking into starting a newsletter at all, you’ve probably stumbled upon Substack—a publishing platform that makes running a paid newsletter dead simple.   Hamish McKenzie co-founded Substack in 2017. He is also a published author (his book ‘Insane Mode: How Elon Musk’s Tesla Sparked an Electric Revolution to End the Age of Oil’ […]

Typical Formats for Newsletters (with examples)

Over the past few weeks I’ve received a lot of questions from prospective creators about two things: What do I write about? What should it look like? In this post I’m going to give my thoughts on format, based on what I’ve seen out there in the wild over the past few months of actively […]

Inside the Tech of a Paid Newsletter

Setting up a paid newsletter is quite a bit different, and perhaps more complex than setting up a simple blog. With a blog, you’ve got dozens of options, most of which are one-click installs. Pick your platform, choose a theme, and get to writing. It really can be that simple. But for a paid newsletter, […]

The Most Popular Paid Subscription Newsletters

Paid newsletters are exploding. Obviously, I’m biased… but It’s an attractive model. If you’re the scribe-y type and have the means to communicate your viewpoints clearly, I really don’t think there’s a better opportunity for you today. In contrast to starting a blog, you’ve got monetization on day one, and based on my experience, the […]

How to Price a Paid Subscription Newsletter

One of the most important questions you’ll need to answer before you launch is: “How much should I charge for this thing?” Price theory is a complex subject. There are literally dozens of books, as thick as a brick, that you could devour and learn to wield complex math to arrive at the perfect figure. […]

Why You Should Start a Paid Newsletter

One of the most interesting trends I’ve seen over the past few years is the rise of paid newsletters. Not nearly a week goes by that I don’t run across a new paid newsletter that people seem to be excited about and are keen to join. And for good reason. It’s one of the most […]